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SMART Recovery meeting (Country and Outback Health) for Residents of specified areas of South Australia Only
This SMART Recovery meeting is free, confidential, and open to people living in areas of South Australia (specified below) by invitation, courtesy of Country and Outback Health and SMART Recovery Australia.

SMART Recovery is a self-empowering program that helps people to achieve independence from addictive behaviours. Online SMART Recovery meetings use evidence-based tools to enable people seeking to change and self-manage any kind of addictive behaviour, most commonly related to alcohol, drugs, gambling, cigarettes, food, technology etc.

The meetings are free and run weekly for 90 minutes. You can register for individual online meetings using the drop-down menu below and you will receive a confirmation email and/or other notices relating to this meeting.

Each meeting is guided by a trained facilitator, and group members participate using a combination of video, voice, and text chat (using the chat box feature). Please notify your facilitator if you wish to remain off camera, as some meetings are able to cater for this, however this is at the discretion of the facilitator based on the needs of the group.

What to expect:
- Goal setting: Set your own achievable plan for the week ahead
- Focus is on the addictive behaviour and not on the substance/activity itself
- Concentrate on present and future, not on the past (no life stories!)
- Evidence-based tools and techniques (cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness)

If you are currently living in the following areas,
*Mount Remarkable
*Northern Areas
*Port Pirie City and Districts
*Other selected areas of South Australia

Please contact Country and Outback Health on 08 8638 3900 for a confidential eligibility check and then register for your preferred meeting times below.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.
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